Thursday, September 16, 2010

Update: Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cakes

I know we never post on this anymore, but I thought I would share a little update on the Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cakes I wrote about in May. At the end of that post, I said that the Devils Food Cake recipe was amazing, but the logistics of cutting out shapes, stacking them and doing the ganache was too much.

Well, last weekend we were having people over to watch the Bengals (Who Dey!) and I wanted to give it another try. So I made the cake recipe I listed before (I cut it in half and it still made 72 mini cupcakes). Then I made the raspberry cream and just piped it on. So we lost the ganache element, but it was still pretty divine. Everyone loved them and said how light and tasty the cream was on top (instead of a heavy frosting). Absolutely wonderful - I'm so glad I found a way to still use this recipe. This time I didn't want to make a big mess and kept it simple, but I think you could still add the ganache too. Maybe put the ganache on the cupcake and then the cream on top, or spread the cream on top and pour ganache over the whole thing.

PS - Brent said I took a guys day and made it "girly." I guess mini cupcakes and pink raspberry cream are a little dainty. Oh well :)


Last Paradise said...

So cute Katie! My little boy would have LOVED the mini cupcakes- he has become a huge fan of cupcakes lately! I can just hear him saying "hey! these tuptates are just my size!!!"

Lorren said...

Ew, that looks good! And very doable! I wish we still posted! I was the worst at it, but I actually had a few more posts to put up, but the photos are all on my computer in Raleigh. I do love this blog though. Let's not completely give up on it yet!